The Open Science café is a series of events designed to cover major topics and news from the Open Science world dedicated to the italian community.
It aims at informing and discussing over various aspects of Open Science in an informal way, in front of a coffee cup.

Each event lasts for one hour and focuses on a specific theme, leaving enough time for discussion with the audience

11 march
Open Research Europe: la nuova piattaforma di pubblicazione della Commissione europea
Ilaria Fava, University of Gottingen
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12 march
Open Research Europe: the new open access publishing platform of the European Commission
Michael Markie, F1000 Publishing Director responsible for ORE implementation
Ilaria Fava, University of Gottingen
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8 april
Valutare o valorizzare la ricerca: percorsi possibili
Elena Giglia, Università di Torino
Donatella Castelli, CNR
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6 may
Roberto Cippitani, CNR
10 june
Valentina Colcelli, CNR
9 september
Aspetti legali dei dati della ricerca
7 october
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